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Calendar Girls

August 2 - 20

Evenings at 7:30pm  Matinees at 2:00pm

By Tim Firth
Directed by Dave Saxe

Warning: Not suitable for children, contains nudity.

Based on the Miramar motion picture by Juliette Towhidi and Tim Firth


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Chris (Miss October): Marci Chamberlain
Annie (Miss February): Laura Ann Saxe
Cora (Miss July): Samantha Faller
Jessie (Miss January): Priscilla McFerren
Celia (Miss September): Jackie Gianico
Ruth (Miss November): Susan Chiovarou Burlingame
Marie: Tara Haupt
Brenda Hulse: Julia Wilson
Lady Cravenshire: Stephanie Koller
Eliane: Danielle White
John: Dave Saxe
Rod: Andrew Saxe
Liam/Lawrence: Jeff Buterbaugh
WI Calendar Girls: Katie Carrerio, Julia Wilson, Danielle White, Carla Hass