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Barn’s storied history recognized by U.S. Congress!


We are delighted to confirm that Congressman Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson officially recognized Nittany Theatre at the Barn in his remarks on the House Floor this morning, March 1st.

Thank you Congressman Thompson for recognizing the Barn as “the oldest arena-barn theatre in Pennsylvania!” What an honor to have the storied history of the Barn read into the Congressional Record!

The C-SPAN link below will take you directly to the beginning of his remarks, which starting at approx 44:40 into C-SPAN’s full video archive of the “Morning Hour” House coverage:

44:40 – Begin Congressman GT’s remarks
47:17 – Start of remarks specifically on NTATB
48:25 – End of remarks

Broadway Producer and Star Coming to Barn!

Alex Santoriello is coming to the Barn! Alex produced “A Tale of Two Cities” on Broadway and also appeared in the original Broadway productions of “Les Miserables,” “Chess,” Three Penny Opera” and Broadway tours of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Cats.” Alex is currently Producing-Artistic-Director of ProAm Performing Arts of Florida.

Alex will direct/star (Long John Silver) in “Treasure Island” June 20~July 18 and direct/star (Don Quixote) in “Man of La Mancha” July 18~August 5





The 2016 Tony (B) Awards!
Nittany Theatre at the Barn is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Tony (B) Awards!

Best Production:
Calendar Girls

Best Musical:
All Shook Up

Best Play:
Twelve Angry Men

Best Actor:
Erik Johnson, Complete Works of William Shakespeare (revised, unabridged)

Best Supporting Actor:
Russ Rockwell, Play Murder

Best Actress:
Morgan Sichler, All Shook Up

Best Supporting Actress:
Sierra Tothero, Play Murder

Best Ensemble:

Best Director:
Dave Saxe, Calendar Girls

Best Choreography:
Courtney Young, All Shook Up

Best Light Design:
Andrew John Saxe, Twelve Angry Men

Best Sound Design:
Michael Tony Cooper, Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Best Costumes:
Julie Snyder & Anne Hayward, All Shook Up

Best Set:
Will Snyder, Twelve Angry Men

Best Technical Contribution:
Rebecca Koch, Calendar Girls

Funniest Moment:
Lauren Echausse & Jeff Buterbaugh, It’s Now Or Never, All Shook Up

Most Unforgettable Moment:
Rod Egan & Katie Rimmer, Matilda Shut Up, All Shook Up

Most Unforgettable Song:
Kaye Saxe, Graham Hancock, A Little Less Conversation, All Shook Up

Best Performance Number (Individual):
Laura Ann Saxe, Ladies Who Lunch, Company

Best Performance Number (Ensemble):
Side By Side, Company, Company


Dinner Theatre Tickets!


We’ve partnered with Duffy’s Tavern to bring you the BEST dinner and theatre combination in Happy Valley! Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Duffy’s then a quick hop to the Barn for a terrific show in our deluxe Garman seats! Just $48 for dinner and show!

Make your menu selection (four choices of entrées).

Arrive at Duffy’s for your dinner (approximately 5:45pm to 6:15pm)

Finish meal and off to the Barn (a ten minute walk OR two minute drive) to get your seats in time for curtain-start time at 7:30pm

Dinner and Theatre are ONLY available on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Call 814-321-2799 to order your combination ticket… OR order online here


Cast Lists for 2016 Summer Stock Season!

Nittany Theatre at the Barn~2016 CAST LISTS  


Bobby: Mike Hadary

Sarah: Christina Kidd

Harry: Jacob Tarconish

Jenny: Courtney Brown

David: Andrew Saxe

Susan: Alicia Rodriquez

Peter: Michael Tews

Paul: Ryan Ordnung

Amy: Fiona Winch

Joanne: Laura Ann Saxe

Larry: David Saxe

April: Morgan Sichler

Marta: Deb Saxe

Kathy: Kate de Lane

12 Angry Men

Foreman Juror #1: Kevin Davis

Juror #2: Jacob Tarconish

Juror #3: Laura Ann Saxe

Juror #4: Ben Whitesell

Juror #5: Jonathan Savage

Juror #6: Stephanie Whitesell

Juror #7: Stephanie Koller

Juror #8: Kristine Allen

Juror #9: Priscilla McFerren

Juror #10: Charlie Wilson

Juror #11: Stephen Hill

Juror #12: Samantha Faller

All Shook Up 


Natalie: Kaye Saxe

Lorraine: Lauren Echausse

Dean: Jeff Buterbaugh

Dennis: Ryan Ordnung

Sandra: Morgan Sichler

Sylvia: Kristi Branstetter

Jim: Michael Tews

Matilda: Katie Rimmer

Earl: Rod Egan

Female Ensemble: Natasha McCandles; Jordan Santillo; Susan Burlingame; Deb Saxe; Samantha Faller; Fiona Winch

Male Ensemble: Andy Saxe; Adam Paul Hunter

Calendar Girls

Chris: Marci Chamberlain (Miss October)

Annie: Laura Ann Saxe (Miss February)

Cora: Kim Silverman (Miss July)

Jessie: Priscilla McFerren (Miss January)

Celia: Jackie Gianico (Miss September)

Ruth: Susan Burlingame (Miss November)

Marie: Tara Haupt

Brenda Hulse:

Lady Cravenshire: Stephanie Koller

Elaine: Danielle White

John: Kevin Davis

Rod: Rod Egan

Liam/Lawrence: Jeff Buterbaugh

Calendar Girls/Women of WI- Samantha Faller (Miss March); Stephanie Whitesell (Miss April);  (Miss May); TBA (Miss June); Carla Hass (Miss August)

Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised]

Jess: Michael Hadary

Adam: Erik Johnson

Daniel: Jonathan O’Harrow

Play Murder 

Susan: Tara Haupt

Tom: Jeff Buterbaugh

Bobby: Jacob Tarconish

Don: John Koch

Tara: Marci Chamberlain

Amy: Alicia Rodriquez

Alphonso: TBA

Julia: Regina Brannen

Geno/Bill: Rod Egan

Tony/Doty: Kevin Davis