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Earnest is HERE! World Premiere!

Earnest has arrived! Sterling Sax’s Adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is set to premiere at Nittany Theatre at the Barn… Valentine’s Day (eve) at 7:00p! at the Barn!  Read all about it here, from the CDT’s Weekender Magazine! It’s the WORLD (re)PREMIERE for Wilde’s iconic-classic! Yup, at the Barn. Yesss, it’s the dead of winter in a summer stock theatre. Yesss, we will have the hot-chocolate and blankets at the ready! Hey, if the world can beat-down-the-door to watch Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’ well-known rodent, we ought to be able to boot-strap to the Barn to enjoy the comfy-comfort INDOORS while sitting in our wonderful theatre seats.


2018 Free Speech Contest

Nittany Theatre at the Barn
2018 Free Speech Play Contest
Play Format, Rules, Guidelines
Nittany Theatre at the Barn is pleased to announce the second-annual national playwright competition (with a $2,000 cash prize) in search of a theatrical tribute of freedom of speech in the United States.
Festival Format
From eligible submissions, one play shall be selected for production on the main-stage of Nittany Theatre at the Barn (a 99-seat regional summer stock theatre) during Constitution Week, September 2018. As cast by Nittany Theatre at the Barn’s Producing Artistic Director (and designated directors), members of the resident theatre company will perform the play with simple staging, sets, props, costumes, lighting and sound effects. Depending on the size and complexity of the play, performances may be book-in-hand. The selected play will be staged after four-six rehearsals and receive a performance in front of a live audience; followed by an audience “talk-back” session with playwright, directors, tech, staff, and cast in attendance.
In addition to the staged reading at Nittany Theatre at the Barn, the winning play shall also be showcased for a staged-performance in The Villages, Florida, Fall 2018 (dates TBA).
Submission Period:
To be considered for the 2018 Theatre of the Free Speech Contest Festival, entries must be submitted by June 1, 2018.
Playwright Eligibility:
There are no playwright eligibility requirements for the contest.
Submission Requirements:
The Free Speech Play Contest Festival considers only plays that meet the following requirements:
1. Submitted work by a single playwright is preferred, collaborations may be considered;
2. Submitted work must be either a full-length comedy and/or drama or thematically related one acts which constitute a full-length play when performed together;
3. No conventional book-driven musicals or children’s plays will be considered. However, plays that contain original music used to underscore action or to provide mood may be considered. Plays that contain a limited number of vocals either a cappella or accompanied by musical instruments may be considered as a “play with music.” Submissions that contain copyrighted music not held or secured by author will not be considered; and
4. Plays must not be professionally produced and/or published. Prior readings and workshops are acceptable. Any play that has been produced for more than one consecutive performance in which admission was charged will not be considered.
Submission Guidelines:
Email your submission to The Free Speech Play Contest Festival , Dave Saxe, Producing Artistic Director ( Submissions that do not follow the submission guidelines will not be considered.
1. Only one play submission per playwright(s) is allowed;
2. Within your submission, four SEPARATE attachments are required:
3. The script itself with: character breakdowns/references/ descriptions of gender and age; synopsis of play, stage notes as necessary; descriptions (plot) of sets; lists of necessary props, costumes; and suggested lighting and/or sound effects. This attachment MUST NOT CONTAIN any reference to author;
4. A biography and resume of the author;
5. A history of the play (any staging, readings, workshops); and
6. A brief essay of no more than 150 words that describes how the submitted play is tied directly/indirectly to the notion of freedom of speech as underscored by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. The play may be a fictional representation of a well-grounded freedom of speech issue/principle set in a contemporary or historical context. The play may also focus on a champion(s) of freedom of speech or individual(s) swept up in a freedom of speech issue/principle set in a contemporary or historical context.
IMPORTANT PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: We are keenly interested in perspectives that offers an authentic voice to American citizens not currently represented/included in American theatre. While the weight of Free Speech issues avers to drama (and we expect the bulk of submissions will follow that model), however, we are keenly interested in humorous pieces that tackle and challenge the meat of Free Speech without exposing the audience to the heavy hand of drama.
NOTE: If a play contains original music, the submission must contain a scoring of the music with all music and vocal parts noted PLUS an audio recording of the music in a conventional digital MP3 form. As necessary to the play divisions, the music (vocals) must be placed in separate sound files.
All email attachments must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format under the following guidelines:
• Scripts should be in a standard format (Dramatists Guild Modern Stage Play)
• Text should be in 12-point type and in a standard font such as Times Roman
• Script must include page numbers at the bottom of each page
• The author’s name MUST NOT appear anywhere in the script
Winning Playwright:
1. The winning play shall be selected by a panel of readers.
2. The winning play shall be announced by July 4, 2018.
3. The playwright will retain all copyright to the submitted material.
4. The playwright is invited to attend the The Free Speech Play Contest Festival (September 17, 2018); for the staged productions/readings of their play as well as attend all audience response sessions.
5. The winning play may be considered for a fully-stage production on the main-stage of Nittany Theatre at the Barn in a subsequent season.
6. For a period of two years following the announcement of the winning play, Nittany Theatre at the Barn retains rights to stage and perform the winning play.
Awards for Winning Playwrights
1. The winning playwright shall receive a transportation stipend plus lodgings and meals during the festival; and
2. The winning play shall receive a $2,000 cash prize.

2018 Summer Stock Auditions

Nittany Theatre at the Barn

2018 Summer Stock Season

Casting Call

February 22 (7:00Pm-9:30pm)

February 23 (7:00Pm-9:30pm)

February 24 (1:00pm-4:00pm)

1327 South Inverary Place, State College, PA


Wanted Company of 15-34 Actors for five-show season of ALL-STAR Comedies!

You may request to read a particular part and/or the casting director will select roles for you to read.

Casting Director: Dave Saxe

Rumors by Neil Simon

The Importance of Being Earnest, Sterling Sax adaption of Oscar Wilde’s Classic

Lend Me A Tenor by Ken Ludwig

Funny Money by Ray Cooney

The Love List by Norm Foster

Casting Details:

Rumors, 5 Men/5 Women

Rehearsals: May 12-22

8 Performances: Opens May 23, Closes June 2

Brief Synopsis: Ken Gorman and his wife, Chris Gorman are attending the 10th anniversary party of Charlie Brock, the Deputy Mayor of New York, and his wife, Myra. Unfortunately, things are not going quite to plan. All the kitchen staff is gone, Myra is missing, and Charlie has shot himself in the head. Let the farce begin!

Ken Gorman – (Male, plays 40) A well-to-do lawyer. Wealthy, but by no means pretentious. Takes
charge of the situation. Married to Chris. Halfway through the show, a gunshot causes his
temporary deafness.
Chris Gorman – (Female, plays mid-30’s) Another lawyer, married to Ken. Beautiful, easily flustered.
Frantically tries to maintain normalcy at the party. Has recently quit smoking, which
drives her to drink a bit more.
Lenny Ganz – (Male, 30’s-early 40’s) – A wealthy accountant, distraught over the recent
destruction over his new car. Starts the show with an extreme case of whiplash. Intolerant
of the gossipy-lifestyle that he is often involved in.
Claire Ganz – (Female, plays late 30’s) – Lenny’s wife. Very concerned with appearances (hers and
others’). Starts the play with a swollen lip. Likes to gossip.
Ernie Cusack – (Male, plays 50’s) – a psychiatrist. Affable, smokes a pipe. Loves his wife very
much. Tries to be as helpful as possible cooking the evening’s dinner.
Cookie Cusack – (Female, plays 40’s) – has her own cooking show. Suffers from extreme back spasms. Loves her husband very much. A bit absent-minded at times.
Glenn Copper – (Male, plays 30-40) A handsome man running for State Senate. Worried about his
own reputation. Struggles with placating his wife, who is convinced he is having an affair
(which he may or may not be).
Cassie Cooper – (Female, plays late 20’s, early 30’s) Glenn’s beautiful wife. Obsesses over her
husbands’ relationships with other women. Quick to anger. Must rub her quartz crystal to
calm herself down.
Officer Welch – (Male, 30-67) – A city police officer having a rough night. Does not
tolerate lying. Sees through the “classy” façade that these high-society types put up.
Officer Pudney– (Female, plays 20-30) – Welch’s partner. A strong but silent type.

The Importance of Being Earnest, 2 Men/3 Women

Rehearsals: June 9-19

8 Performances: Opens June 20, Closes June 30

Brief Synopsis: The Importance of Being Earnest is the most renowned of Oscar Wilde’s comedies. It’s the story of two bachelors, Jack and Algernon, who create alter egos named “Ernest” to escape their tiresome lives. As the farce unfolds, we learn that Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax, Algernon’s cousin. Gwendolen’s mother, Lady Bracknell, refuses to consent to Jack’s bid to marry Gwendolen. The parentless Algernon confronts Jack about his secret life, forcing him to come clean, demanding to know more about his affairs, and especially Jack’s 18-year old ward, Cecily. Along the hilarious way, Jack discovers he wasn’t born a hand-bag afterall. Got it? You will!

Jack Worthing (Male, 25-40) Protagonist and most sympathetic character, was found in a handbag on a railway line, uncomfortable in aristocratic society, lives in the country but has invented a wicked brother named “Ernest” whose scrapes require Jack’s attendance in the city.

Algernon Moncrief (Male, 25-40) The foil to Jack, a playful hedonist with an invented friend named Bunbury whose status as a permanent invalid allows Algernon to leave the city whenever he pleases, believes this activity, “Bunburying,” is necessary, especially if one is going to get married-something he vows never to do.

Lady Bracknell (Female, 50-65) The antagonist of the play, blocking two potential marriages, embodies typical Victorian classism, does not allow Gwendolen to marry Jack when she finds out he is an orphan, and dislikes Cecily as a mate for her nephew Algernon until she learns that Cecily is wealthy.

Gwendolen Fairfax (Female, 20-35) Lady Bracknell’s daughter, the object of Jack’s romantic attention, returns his love but appears self-centered and flighty, desires nothing but to marry someone named Ernest.

Cecily Cardew (Female, 18-30, plays 18) Jack’s ward, lives with him in the country, young and pretty, favored by Algernon, who pretends to be Jack’s brother Ernest, like Gwendolen, she is only interested in marrying a man named Ernest.

Lend Me A Tenor (4 Men/4 Women)

Rehearsals: July 7-17

8 Performances: Opens July 18, Closes July 28

Brief Synopsis: It is the biggest night in the history of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. The world-famous tenor, Tito Merelli, “Il Stupendo,” is to perform his greatest role, Othello, at the ten-year anniversary gala season opener. Henry Saunders, the opera’s executive director, has high hopes that Merelli’s performance will put Cleveland on the operatic map. However, at the final dress rehearsal of Othello, Merelli is nowhere to be found, Saunders is in a panic, and, along with his assistant Max and friend, the scramble to figure out what to do begins!

Max – (Male, 25-40) Affable assistant to Saunders, must be able to carry a tune 🙂
Maggie – (Female, 25-40) Max’s assistant/girlfriend, friendly and outgoing
Saunders – (Male, 50s-60s) Maggie’s father, General Manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company
Tito Merelli – (Male, 50s-60s) The world-famous tenor, known also to his fans as Il Stupendo, must be able to sing opera
Maria – (Female, 40s-50s) Tito’s very Italian wife, loving but untrusting her husband, sharp-tongue
Bellhop – (Male, 20s-50s) A witty, charming bellhop, sings Italian
Diana – (Female, 20s-40s) Fetching soprano, interested in breaking into major opera
Julia – (Female, 50s-60s) The grand-dame Chairman of the Opera Guild

Funny Money (6 Men/2 Women)

Rehearsals: August 4-14

8 Performances: Opens August 15, Closes August 25

Brief Synopsis: Henry A. Perkins, a mild-mannered C.P.A, accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase one full of money. Henry assumes it is illicit cash and he decides to keep it. Knowing that the former owner must have his briefcase, he rushes home to book one way fares to Barcelona while his wife Jean prepares for Henry’s birthday party. In no time at all, the party guests, cab drivers, and a variety of police arrive. What could possibly go wrong?

Henry Perkins (Male, 30s-60s) an ordinary & insignificant accountant who finds a life changing amount of money and dares to go where no accountant has gone before

Jean Perkins (Female, 30s-60s) Henry’s wife, her life was also ordinary, becomes very fond of brandy

Betty Johnson (Female, 30s-60s) Jean’s best friend, they were just coming over to celebrate Henry’s birthday and now they’re supporting characters in an outrageous story (every Lucy needs an Ethel and this Ethel is quick on her feet)

Vic Johnson (Male, 30s-60s) A brash kind of guy and friend of Henry, also tends to be a step behind and plays catch-up

Davenport (Male, 30s-60s) Every great farce needs a dirty cop

Slater (Male, 30s-60s) An honest cop who loses it

Bill (Male, 20s-50s) Comedic supporting cab-driver

Passer By (Male, 40’s-60s) Has one memorable line and a great final scene!

The Love List (2 Men/1 Woman)

Rehearsals: August 26-September 3

8 Performances: Opens September 4, Closes September 14

Brief Synopsis: Leon and Bill concoct a list of attributes of the ideal woman – the top ten best qualities in a mate. When this allegedly “Ideal Woman” actually arrives on the scene the men quickly learn that their list could use a few revisions.

Bill – (Male, 50s-60s) An unmarried, devoted statistician
Leon – (Male, 50-60s) Married, best friend of Bill, a novelist
Justine – (Female, 30s-50s) The beautiful, mystery woman


Wanted Ingenue for Importance of Being Earnest

Wanted fabulous actress to play Cecily in “The Importance of Being Earnest” to be staged at Nittany Theatre at the Barn, February 14 … This is a one-performance, proof-of-concept/copyright performance for purpose of publication. We’ll perform this book-in-hand with just a couple of rehearsals over the weekend of February 9-10-11… Must be able to play an 18 year-old ingenue with English accent. Please send email with resume/pix to Dave at nittanytheatre@gmail. com

email with resume/pix to Dave at


2017 National Free Speech Winner in Florida!

We are pleased to present the winner of the 2017 National Free Speech Contest! James Armstrong’s “Dark Night of the Soul” was presented at the Bradley Theatre in the Eisenhower Center and the Lincoln Theatre in the Laurel Manor Center during the last week of October… what a wonderful experience working to bring this terrific script to life, the riveting story of the trial of Joan of Arc.

Many thanks to the Charles Koch Foundation, Pro-Am Arts, the theatre staffs at the Bradley and Lincoln Theatres, Dan Pona, Alex Santoriello, Jeff Buterbaugh, John Koch, Katie Rimmer, and Laura and Dave Saxe… and the entire Nittany Theatre at the Barn family!


Free Speech Announcement TV 2017 1


Nashville Songwriter, Shawna Harrington’s MAE: The Mae West Musical

The World Premiere of Shawna Harrington’s “Mae” (The Mae West Musical) opens at Nittany Theatre at the Barn: September 12-September 16 for FIVE SHOWS ONLY! Shawna Harrington is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee… With TWO #1 Country Billboard Hits (Reba McEntire’s “It’s Your Call” and Janie Fricke’s “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Easy”) and more than 35 albums featuring her songs, Shawna ranks as one of the nation’s most prolific songwriters! Get your tickets now at

A little sample of Shawna’s amazing talents…. From the Country #1 Hits album, here’s Reba McEntire singing Shawna’s “It’s Your Call”


Man of La Mancha Cast Biographies

Man of La Mancha
Company Biographies

Alex Santoriello (Cervantes/Don Quixote) is a professional actor, singer and producer best known for originating roles in three Broadway musicals: Les Miserables, Chess, and Three Penny Opera and as a producer on the Broadway musical, A Tale of Two Cities. Alex made his equity debut at the Paper Mill Playhouse and his New York debut at AMAS Repertory Theater. He played Gus the Theater Cat in a Broadway tour of Cats and Pontius Pilate in two major touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar. Alex produced and directed the world premiere of A Tale of Two Cities in concert at the Circle Theater in Indianapolis that included a cast of Broadway veterans along with Richard Kiley who narrated the action, a fifty-voice choir and a forty-piece orchestra. He has appeared in the TV soap opera All My Children and in the Academy Award nominated film Far From Heaven. A successful concert career brought Alex to Barbados. After several returns Alex moved there and taught singing to young people and served as the first musical director of the Barbados National Boys Choir. He fronted the popular rock ‘n roll band “GetBak” and performed at over one-hundred charity events including the reopening of the historic Kensington Oval in Bridgetown and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gala. He founded Lexy Piano Bar, which was rated by Zagat as one of Barbados’ top five night spots. Alex is a licensed commercial pilot, an active flight instructor and an avid sailor who has logged thousands of miles at sea. Alex performed and worked with Sirs Sting, Cliff Richard, Tim Rice, Cameron Macintosh & Trevor Nunn; Benny Anderson & Bjorn Ulveaus (ABBA); John Caird, John Dexter, Andrew Wilk, John Lodge, Dennis Quaid, David Cassidy, Richard Kiley, Michael Crawford, Maureen McGovern, Georgia Brown, Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, Colm Wilkinson, Claude Michel Schoenberg, Alain Boublil, John Clifton, Neil Berg and his sister Jill Santoriello.

Deb Saxe (Aldonza/Dulcinia) is thrilled to be involved in Man of La Mancha with such a dedicated and talented cast, crew and production staff. You may recognize Deb from previous roles at the Barn including Marta in Company and Edward Rutledge in 1776. Other notable roles include Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray, Sarraghina in Nine and director of A New Brain. Off stage, Deb is a history major at Penn State and enjoys studying (yes, really), devouring biographies and watching documentaries. She’d like to thank the cast, crew and production staff of Man of La Mancha, especially Dave and Alex for trusting her. Shout out to Mo and Matt for being 5ever baes (that means more than forever).

Dave Saxe (Sancho Panza) serves as the Barn’s Producing Artistic Director, where he has directed Always Patsy Cline, the world’s first-all-female production of 1776, Calendar Girls, Play Murder, Church Basement Ladies, Looking, and Mae. Under his pen­name Sterling Sax, Dave also wrote the book­music­lyrics for Betty Crocker, Kinsey, Rock n’ Roll, Play Murder, and this season’s hit Treasure Island. A veteran theatre guy, Dave has produced, directed, and acted in some one hundred productions since 1975! His Barn roles include Gomez in The Addams Family, a bunch of cameos in All Shook Up, and Ben Gunn in Treasure Island. At The State Theatre, Dave wrote and directed Swearing Off Women and The Royal Gilberts and presented the celebrated “Fred Waring Trilogy” of “live radio” performed at the Shawnee Playhouse. His other Nittany Theatre productions include The Foreigner and NTC’s sold­out hit Love, Sex, and the I.R.S. Other recent stage performances include Love, Sex, and the I.R.S. and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, John Adams in 1776 at PSU’s Pavilion Theatre and Horace in Hello Dolly at the Eisenhower. While on Fullbright, Dave also appeared as Father Moynihan in Jenny Kissed Me at the Regensburg Theatre (Germany). A former Actors Equity performer from Chicago, in his “youth” he had the pleasure of playing the Rodger’s and Hammerstein book of Oklahoma (Curley), Carousel (Billy, Jigger, Mr. Snow), South Pacific (Lt. Cable), and Sound of Music (Franz the Butler!). While not at the Barn, he can be found as the resident American history professor­nut at Penn State where he teaches American Heritage. Dave dedicates the season to the Barn’s hard working casts, staff and crew for their patience, understanding, and dedication. Love to Laura, Dan, Andy, Deb, and Kaye!

Mercer Bristow (Governor/Innkeeper) is pleased to have worked on many productions at the Barn since 2004, most recently appearing in Betty Crocker, Kinsey and Rock n Roll as the Narrator. He usually choosing plays that are presented in 90-degree weather. Mercer’s daytime job is as Authentication Director of the American Philatelic Society headquarters located in Bellefonte.

Frank Wilson (Padre) attended Penn State in Theatre Arts, with a major in Broadcasting. He then went on to receive a Masters Degree in Speech, as well as a Ph.D. in Education. In those early days at PSU, he appeared in many productions for The University Theatre, Penn State Thespians, and State College Community Theatre. His life has been a constant mixture of theatre and video production ever since. Some of his favorite acting rolls have included Oz in The Wizard of Oz, Col. Henry Blake in MASH, Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, Captain Keller in The Miracle Worker, Nicely Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls, Fagin in Oliver, Harold Hill in The Music Man, and Matt and both Fathers in multiple productions of The Fantasticks. Most recently, he has appeared in his one-man show, Mark Twain: Life Stories and Other Lies, Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady, and Captain Smollett in the original production of Treasure Island right here in the Barn. Offstage, Frank is a creative writer and instructional designer for the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State, developing videos, animations, and other program materials that help military families transition through the military experience.

Andrew Saxe (Duke/Doctor Carrasco/Knight of the Mirrors) serves as technical director and lighting and sound designer for the Barn and occasionally finds himself on stage. His Barn appearances include All Shook Up, Calendar Girls, Play Murder, and Treasure Island. You may also remember him as the quiet Lurch from the Barn’s first season’s Addams Family. Some of his favorite roles include; Lesley from Love, Sex and the I.R.S, Jimmy from Thoroughly Modern Millie and Barnaby and Cornelius from Hello, Dolly! He would like to thank you for supporting Nittany Theatre and the rebirth of the Barn. Enjoy the show!

Kaitlyn Whitesell (Antonia/Moorish Dancer) is a rising sophomore in the BFA in Acting program at Penn State. She is excited to be returning to the Barn and getting to share the stage again with her awesome momma! Some of Kaitlyn’s favorite credits include: Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Guys and Dolls (Sarah Brown) and High School Musical (Gabriella). She would like to thank the cast and crew for making this show a fun and unforgettable experience!

Laura Ann Saxe (Housekeeper/Moor/Mule) is delighted to work her third season at the Barn where she has appeared in Always Patsy Cline, 1776 (as John Adams), Betty Crocker, Kinsey, and Rock n’ Roll, The Addams Family, Company (as Joan), Twelve Angry Men (Juror #3), Calendar Girls (as Annie), Play Murder, and Treasure Island (as Mrs. Hawkins/O’Brien the Red). A former Actors Equity actress from Chicago, where she met hubby Dave, Laura had the opportunity to co-star with Broadway’s Mark Jacoby as Carla in Nine. At the famous Candlelight Playhouse Laura played Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls, completed a one-year stint as Grace Farrell in Annie, Sonja in Playing Our Song, among dozens of other musicals. Most recently was seen as Judith in the world premiere of Swearing Off Women at the State Theatre. Also at the State, Laura was seen in Annie and Scrooge, as well as Nittany Theatre’s premiere of The Royal Gilberts. Other favorites with the Nittany Theatre Company include The Foreigner and the celebrated Fred Waring Radio Show series performed at the Shawnee Playhouse in the Poconos. Laura’s past Barn appearances include Rona in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Kate in Kiss Me Kate, Glenda in The Wizard and Oz, and Mrs. Boyle in The Mousetrap. Other roles of note include Abigail Adams in 1776 at Penn State’s Pavillion Theatre. Laura also appeared in several shows at Penn State’s Eisenhower Theatre including My Fair Lady, Guys and Dolls, The Nutcracker, and Dolly in Hello Dolly! Being a part of the founding members of Nittany Theatre at the Barn has been an all-consuming whirlwind from salvaging (and then restoring) theatre seats from the grand old Garman Opera House, to cleaning and painting just about everything in sight (whew!), and then squeezing in time for rehearsing, it has been, every minute, a complete labor of love. Laura would like to send special thanks to the entire company and crew and her family.

Jeff Buterbaugh (Barber/Anselmo/Knight/Guard) is a lifelong resident of State College and a current student at Penn State. He has been performing in regional theatre for nearly a decade and is delighted to be making working at Nittany Theatre at the Barn where he has appeared in Calendar Girls, Play Murder, and Treasure Island. Some of his recent credits include Gangster 2 in The Drowsy Chaperone, Mr. Goldstone in Gypsy, Johnny Casino in Grease, and Mikey in Hairspray, Gene Gorman in Stephen Sondheim’s Saturday Night. Jeff also was seen as Frederick Dickens in a special production of A Christmas Carol a s part of Bellefonte Victorian Christmas and was a featured choral vocalist in a concert by Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Adam Hunter (Pedro/Guard) is thrilled to be returning to the Barn where he performed in Twelve Angry Men and All Shook Up. Having just returned from a semester abroad studying theatre in London, England, Adam studies theatre at Penn State. His recent acting credits include Ty in Good Kids with Penn State’s Centre Stage and Frank Jr. in Catch Me If You Can and Lancelot in Spamalot with Penn State Thespians.

Kevin Davis (Captain/Knight/Jose) is a relative newbie to the theatre world, making his debut in 2016 in The Wedding Singer (SCCT). He then went on to be the jury foreman in the Barn’s production of Twelve Angry Men later that year. This year his Barn credits include roles in Treasure Island and is very excited to be part of the cast of Man of La Mancha.

Stephanie Whitesell (Fermina/Horse/Moor) is no stranger to the Barn Stage! Stephanie was an apprentice at the Barn in the late 90s, when she cultivated her love of live theatre. Stephanie was last seen at the Barn portraying John Hancock in the all-female version of 1776. Stephanie’s previous (and some of her favorite roles) include; Roo in Winnie the Pooh, Abigail in The Crucible, Audrey II Puppeteer in Little Shop of Horrors and Ann Putnam in The Crucible. She is so excited to be returning to the stage after a year off and to share it with her beautiful and talented daughter, Kaitlyn Whitesell! Much love and thanks to Ben (my rock and biggest fan), Crystal, and, always, Mom and Dad for encouraging the arts from a very early age! Here’s to an amazing stage family, as well! Break all the legs! “The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.” – Stella Adler. Thanks for coming and I hope you all enjoy the show!

Katie Pennington-Rimmer (Maria/Moor) is honored to be back for the third season at Nittany Theatre at the Barn. Katie spent most of her adult life in South Africa as a gospel artist and session singer. She toured also with the late Ray Pheri and Stimela. Katie was honored to be crown Miss Michigan 1982 in the Miss America contest (where she won the swim suit competition!). She calls herself miss-elaneous now. After moving back to the USA in 2007 she has performed in many productions such as Annie, Sound of Music, Oliver. With Class Act Productions: A Christmas Carol, Anne of Green Gables, We Will Remember. Nittany Theatre Company: Royal Gilberts, Swearin off Women, 1776, All Shook Up, Addams Family, Church Basement Ladies and now Man of La Mancha. Her greatest achievement to date is her beloved children… Kymberly, Grace and Bjorn. Special thanks to her husband and sweetheart Tom who lets her pursue her dreams and live at THE BARN all summer!

Rob Arnold (Paco/Guard/Moor) is excited to perform in his 2nd show with Nittany theater at the Barn, the first being 2015’s The Addams Family. Past roles include Underling in The Drowsy Chaperone. Lord Savage in Jekyll & Hyde, Moonface Martin in Anything Goes, Patsy in Monty Python’s Spamalot, Horton in Seussical: the Musical, Jack/Stephanie in Leading Ladies, James Wilson in 1776 and Albin/Zaza in La Cage aux Folles. Originally from Pittsburgh, Rob attended Penn State pursuing a degree in English Education with a minor in Theater. When not on stage, Rob can be found managing the VWR Stockroom in the Chemistry Building at Penn State. Rob would like to thank his husband Michael for his continued love and support.

Rod Egan (Tenorio/Moor) Following completion of an archeological dig in southern Libya and a successful six-week engagement at Caesars Palace in Vegas. Rod decompressed by solo sailing the Atlantic before beginning this gig. Rod’s Barn credits include, Betty Crocker, Kinsey, n’ Rock and Roll, All Shook Up, Play Murder, Church Basement Ladies, and Treasure Island. During his quieter times, Rod and wife Beth live in the suburbs of Boalsburg, with aged cat and two high energy border collies. Their daughters have gone on to more exciting places. Rod has been known to include alternative facts in these bios.

Rebecca Koch (Stage Manager/Props Mistress) is a rising sophomore at IUP for theater. She has worked on several Barn productions in the past. In the 2016 season she worked on Twelve Angry Men and All Shook Up as Assistant Stage Manager, and as Assistant Stage Manager and board operator for Calendar Girls. This season she has worked as Stage Manager on Greater Tuna, and as Stage Manager and Props Mistress for Treasure Island. Shout out to her parents and her sibling for putting up with her Barn hours.

Marcelyn Lebovitz (Musical Director/Associate Stage Manager) is a 5th year student at Penn State, pursuing a major in music and a minor in theatre arts. She has been performing for many years, but she started her backstage career as the makeup artist for Penn State Opera Theatre’s “Impressions of Pelleas”. She has greatly enjoyed her time at the Barn this summer!

Trinity Lear (Technical Specialist (lights & sound) is a rising Senior at the Hollidaysburg Area High School. She has been working backstage for four years and has spent the last year running lights through six shows in the Altoona area. This her first season with the Barn and has had an amazing time working with all the amazing actors and staff! Trinity wants to thank Andrew Saxe for teaching her as much as he has this season and her mother for dealing with the long drive that is from Hollidaysburg to Boalsburg.