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The 2016 Tony (B) Awards!
Nittany Theatre at the Barn is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Tony (B) Awards!

Best Production:
Calendar Girls

Best Musical:
All Shook Up

Best Play:
Twelve Angry Men

Best Actor:
Erik Johnson, Complete Works of William Shakespeare (revised, unabridged)

Best Supporting Actor:
Russ Rockwell, Play Murder

Best Actress:
Morgan Sichler, All Shook Up

Best Supporting Actress:
Sierra Tothero, Play Murder

Best Ensemble:

Best Director:
Dave Saxe, Calendar Girls

Best Choreography:
Courtney Young, All Shook Up

Best Light Design:
Andrew John Saxe, Twelve Angry Men

Best Sound Design:
Michael Tony Cooper, Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Best Costumes:
Julie Snyder & Anne Hayward, All Shook Up

Best Set:
Will Snyder, Twelve Angry Men

Best Technical Contribution:
Rebecca Koch, Calendar Girls

Funniest Moment:
Lauren Echausse & Jeff Buterbaugh, It’s Now Or Never, All Shook Up

Most Unforgettable Moment:
Rod Egan & Katie Rimmer, Matilda Shut Up, All Shook Up

Most Unforgettable Song:
Kaye Saxe, Graham Hancock, A Little Less Conversation, All Shook Up

Best Performance Number (Individual):
Laura Ann Saxe, Ladies Who Lunch, Company

Best Performance Number (Ensemble):
Side By Side, Company, Company

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