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Auditions are HERE!

Auditions TONIGHT! Six Shows, Count ’em, Six! Casting 72 Roles… (you don’t need to count ’em, but trust me, it’s 72!) beginning tonight! see for more info!
Calling ALL Calendar Girls! (we need 7 fairly brave ladies over 40+ willing to “bare” a little for kit, kin, and kountry! LOL [Calendar Girls]
Calling ALL jurists who always wanted commit to jury duty! [12 Angry Men]
Calling ALL fabulous singers who always wanted to say “I’ve done Sondheim!” [Company]
Calling ALL cool kids (of all ages) who can’t get enough of 1950s Rock n Roll AND Elvis! [All Shook Up]
Calling ALL Shakespearian ACTORS (with a nifty English “fake” Accent! [Complete Works of Wm. Shakespeare, revised, abridged… yes, that’s the title!]
Calling ALL actors/actresses who always wanted to say “Yes, I’ve done an original work of theatre art, what have you done? OR “What another Sterling  Sax masterpiece? YES”
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