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EBS Builders Theatre Student-Intern-Trainees

Announcing the 2016 EBS Theatre Student-Intern-Trainees Opportunities!

Selections are based upon casting decisions. If offered an onstage role OR offstage position, the EBS Theatre Student-Intern-Trainee may be offered to successful candidates who meet our broad eligibility requirements: college/university students, recent graduates, and talented high school students. In ranked order, eligibility centers on student majors (typically in the theatre and related arts), career goals (desire to continue in theatre), “arc of learning” (individuals interested in pursuing professional level experiences), and specific desired talents.

Student-Intern-Trainees shall receive advanced training in theatre under the direction of theatre professionals. The purpose of the program is to advance the professional level skills of our student-intern-trainees who seek to continue professional-level training during the summer-stock season.

Successful candidates receive stipends that range from $250 to $1,000. While the exact number of internships are established by the available pool of candidates, last year 10 internships were awarded for the 2015 summer season. Individuals who are cast in multiple shows or who are offered seasonal positions, receive greater attention.

If you are interested in obtaining one of our EBS Builders Theatre Student-Intern-Trainees (for acting OR off-stage work) please indicate this desire on your audition form AND also describe what’s makes you eligible according to the specifics mentioned above.

You may also send an email to to express your interest in on-stage and/or off-stage work… Actors cast in shows may also work at the Barn in back-off stage positions.

Back-Off Stage opportunities include: technical skills (lighting/sound); stage management; stage crew; set design/construction; graphic design; marketing; ticketing; programs, posters, and print work; photography; front of house; concessions; and building and grounds.

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